Back Away, Slowly (June, 2015)

Selfie Station (November, 2014)

Apartment(play) (July, 2014)

BLiNk (February, 2013)


Last Night, Joel Salaysay (2016) - Official Selection VIFF (2016), WINNER Best Canadian Film Moonrise Film Festival (2016), WINNER Best Drama Moonrise Film Festival (2016)

The Jamie and Sarah Webseries, JSEP featuring various directors (2015, post-production)

Doctor Sunshine - Season 2, Episode 2, Joel Salaysay (2015)

Doctor Sunshine - Season 2, Episode 1, Joel Salaysay (2015)

Jamie and Sarah Get There, JSEP/Theatre Replacement, Daniel Jeffery (June, 2015)

Flowers, Jessica Johnson (April, 2015)

How to Live Like Jamie and Sarah, JSEP (May, 2014)


Antony, Twin River (2016, directed by Megan Magdalina Bourne)

Escape ArtistLibrary Voices (2015, directed by Emma Ruthnum)