JSEP have been working their first webseries, which should be launching sometime in the next couple of months! Jamie and Sarah Make a Play takes the piss and has a good laugh with some talented collaborators - a new directors for each of the four episodes. Joel Salaysay, Brendan Prost, Aerlan Barrett, and Sophie Jarvis.  Tune in to watch Jamie and Sarah develop a performance, and watch their friendship grow EVEN STRONGER THAN EVER. CAN THEY MAKE THE PLAY? CAN THEY? 




Jamie and Sarah had the privilege of performing in Joel Salaysay's film Last Night, which will be shown at the Vancouver International Film Festival in the shorts section! Joel is a brilliant writer and director, and it was an honour being involved in such a meaningful piece. Come check it out! 


Jamie and Sarah getting notes from Joel between takes    

Jamie and Sarah getting notes from Joel between takes