Photo by Tim Matheson at Back Away, Slowly. (Theatre Replacement)

Photo by Tim Matheson at Back Away, Slowly. (Theatre Replacement)



Jamie and Sarah will be opening for Little Mountain Improv on January 30th at Little Mountain Gallery on Main st. Come check it out!


We are performing at The Hero Show:Sidekicks on Feb 1st at The China Cloud!

About JSEP:

Oxford Dictionary describes, “smart” as one who is clean, tidy, and well dressed. The Jamie and Sarah Experience Project are Jamie Taylor and Sarah Faye Bernstein. They met in theatre school at Simon Fraser University and began their lifetime partnership and collaboration with a BANG. Actually, they mostly met up for beers and talked about what they thought was funny for about a year, and then began making ingenious (clever, original, inventive) work. Aiming to create experiences, their work often transcends the test of time.

Jamie and Sarah have worked with Vancouver theatre companies such as Theatre Replacement, Radix Theatre, Leaky Heaven Performance Society, Electric Company TheatreHong Kong Exile, O,o,O,o, Zugzwang Media, Resounding Scream, and A Wake of Vultures. They have worked with up and coming Canadian film makers such as Brendan Prost, Joel Salaysay, and Jessica Johnson. They have shown their work across the Vancouver Island, the lower mainland of British Columbia, Calgary, Alberta, and Montreal, Quebec. Jamie and Sarah have recently started performing as an improv duo in Vancouver, and are having a nice time. Season two of Jamie and Sarah's web series is currently in post, and Season 1 is out on YouTube. 

They also have a monthly DJ night at The Fox Cabaret on the first Friday of every month called Guilty Pleasures. They get to DJ with their buds Adam Fink, and Bryan Sea. 

Jamie and Sarah make films, plays, instillations, and will do anything to make you laugh.